Monday, September 21, 2015

Guild retreat

A little over a week ago I went on retreat with the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild. It was a lovely and extremely productive weekend.

I started my weekend on Friday morning with a pile of fall colors. Which became a a grouping of fall leaves by that evening. 

After some helpful input from my guild friends after dinner, I started back up on Saturday morning and added in a few small leaves. By dinner time I had a complete top and most of a back. 

Quilting started very late and was completed just after midnight! It still needs binding but I didn't have enough fabric with me to make it.

And I had just enough time on Sunday to make this cute, easy, and super quick Sailor top.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

One Hour Basket

A few months ago I came across a cute quilted basket on Instagram.  Of course, I clicked through the hashtags and discovered the One Hour Basket.  It is a super easy and quick project and I have now made four of them.

I made the first one, above, with my favorite Kaffe fabric on the inside and free motion quilting on the exterior pieces.  This is the perfect size for me to use in my car to keep all the random stuff (sunglasses, extra napkins, first aid kit, sunscreen, etc) I have contained.

It worked out so well for me as a car container that I made up three more for my boys to each have a basket for all the random treasures, toys, and books they like to keep by their seats.

And then, I liked the pattern so much, that I suggested that the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild make them as a fun swap item.  I made the last one with some fun wonky triangles and straight line quilting.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

MQG challenge

The Modern Quilt Guild periodically sets up fabric challenges. I don't participate often because I have such a limited amount of time to sew. However, the recent Riley Blake challenge fabric was such a nice color pallet that I signed up. The challenge was to try something new so I gave quilt-as-you-go a shot for the first time.  I made two small wonky quilt-as-you-go panels and then turned them into a zip pouch. 

It's a fun technique and I can see a lot of potential in it for creative quilting. I really like how my pouch turned out with this method and might start doing quilt-as-you-go for all my pouches and small bags. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

QuiltCon mini

I was lucky to attend QuiltCon 2015 in Austin this past February.  It was an amazing event and I came away totally overloaded with inspiration.  I met many internet friends and quilting celebrities, saw an amazing number of spectacular quilts, and had a fantastic trip with my Seattle Modern guild friends.  I was able to take two classes while there: quilting with Angela Walters and a workshop with the Gee's Bend quilters.  I learned a lot and finally finished (last month!) my mini quilt from my Gee's Bend workshop.  

I choose to hand quilt my mini since that is the way the Gee's Bend quilters finish their work.  It was the perfect size to carry with me and I completed most of the quilting while at our Friday homeschool co-op.  My fabrics are a mix of old men's shirts that were my husbands, a small scrap of green, and a bunch of neutral scraps (some mine and some from the scrap bin at the workshop).  I included one small scrap of Cotton & Steel pink in the corner.  It seemed appropriate given how popular Cotton & Steel was at the convention and it gave it a nice little pop of color.

I have very mixed feelings about this project.  The workshop was not was I was anticipating and it was a process that I find difficult.  Improve is just not my thing even though I keep trying.  I am pleased with what I created and it will go on my wall of mini quilts in my sewing room.  I did learn a few interesting tips when working with improve from the workshop that make it more accessible to me so there might be more improve in the future (or not!).

Friday, February 6, 2015

Medallion quilt

I started a new english paper piecing project at the end of December since we took a road trip to visit family.

I enjoy having a travel project and intended this one to be a large pillow. As it slowly grew I started contemplating turning it into a quilt. 

Then I learned that the Seattle Modern Quilt Guilt 2015 block of the month project was going to be a medallion quilt. Now, I think this might become my center for a medallion quilt. I would stick with a green, purple, grey, and low volume neutral color scheme.

What type of layers/rings would complement the center? I do not want it to be totally english paper pieced but would probably include at least one layer/ring that has a paper pieced hexagon element.  I also want a ring of flying geese where the geese would be the low volume fabrics. Any other ideas you can suggest?

Old quilt and shrinkage

Over the holidays we visited family and I came across this quilt on my nephews bed.

I made it for him 8-9 years ago and it's been well loved, washed a LOT, and well used by him. It was one of my first quilts (I think the 4th or 5th). I remember quilting this quilt because I really had no idea what I was doing and did some very simple stitch-in-the-ditch quilting. 

As you can see from the pictures above there has been a lot of shrinkage and it really doesn't look good now. I do not remember what type of batting was used (I'm guessing some type of blend). I think that I prewashed the fabric but it was so long ago I can't be sure.

I'm pretty clueless as to why this happened. I also don't have any of the quilts I made during this time period to compare it with. Would it have shrank as much with more quilting? 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Welcome 2015

2015 has gotten off to a slow sewing start for me. I've only done a little English paper piecing and two small Valentine postcard quilts. 

I feel like 2014 was a good year. I completed five baby quilts, three mini quilts, and 5 quilted bags. I also completed the tops for three lap quilts and I finally dove in and started free motion quilting and I love it!  My sewing goals for the year are to quilt the three tops I have ready and to finish up the three large-ish quilts that I have in various states of progress. So this time next year I'm hoping to have at least six finished quilts - yikes!