Saturday, June 5, 2010

June is here already...

I spent the month of May trying to crochet a lovely lace shawl and failed.  I'm so out of practice with my crochet skills that I had to unravel my work half a dozen times before I gave up on the mohair lace thread and picked up some worsted weight to work with and re-learn how to crochet!  It's going slowly.  I picked this really nice bamboo and silk blend yarn and then spent time searching for another pattern to practice with but the yarn is so silky and soft that it's hard to keep an even tension on my stitches.  I'm still working on it and hope to have two nice shawls/scarfs by the end of summer for use this fall.  I also found a quilt shop in Olympia that had a lovely scrap bag pile and found lots of new scraps for my hexagon quilt so I've picked that up again and I am rotating between hexagons and crochet (when I have the time for either!).  Somehow I didn't end up with any pictures of my crochet work this month - seems very weird since I'm doing my picture-a-day project.

I'm searching for fabrics for Dominic's big  boy bed quilt this month.  I have several ones in mind already but I need to find them and see them together in person before I made my final decision.  I drafted four different versions of the pattern last month and settled on doing it in blue, green, and yellow and we will do his room in an outer space/astronaut theme.  I've already found an awesome star lamp to go in his new room.  I'm just not sure what type of sheets to get for his bed - I'm not making them since I want them to stand up to the heavy use and washing that sheets get.  Plain solids or something more festive?  I found some white sheets with blue stars that I think are in the right shade to coordinate with his bed quilt but I'm uncertain if I should go with something so easily stain-able since he's so young. 

I have two lap sized quilts almost finished (my pink and green one block wonder and my fall quilt) so I've decided to finish one of them for June project of the month.  The one block wonder has the main top panel finished and the borders and binding are all cut out and ready for assembly.  I'm going to quilt it very simply with a straight line around each of the hexagons.  The Fall quilt has all the fabric for the binding, backing, and borders ready to cut and all the blocks are sewn together.  I need to finalize the block layout and sew them all together and then cut the borders, etc.  I think the one block wonder is more likely to be completed since it's much closer to a finished state. 

In other news, we are in contract with our NY house.  It should close sometime in July but who really knows since we've had many issue with just getting into contract.  Please cross your fingers that everything goes smoothly from here on out so we can finish our move and find a new house here in WA!

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