Thursday, June 10, 2010

My boys!

I have the greatest cat ever!  Romeo is such a sweet boy and all that you could ask for in a cat (especially when you have a toddler in the house).  He's cuddly, loves to sit in my lap, and best of all, he is tolerant of Dominic!  And, Dominic LOVES Romeo so much.  Yesterday, we walked in the front door and Dominic immediately goes over to Romeo gives him a kiss on the face, a hug, and then another kiss.  It was adorable! 

I am constantly amazed at how tolerant and patient Romeo is with Dominic.  He'll just lay there and let Dominic pet him, tug on his tail, poke his face, hug him, and lay on him.  When he's tired of he'll walk away and sit up too high for Dominic to reach him or hide under a bed.  He's never struck back or done anything to harm Dominic.  I loved him so much for being so understanding of Dominic.

Here is Romeo enjoying the large pile of scraps I was trying to sort yesterday afternoon.  And then Dominic noticed him enjoying the pile and decided to join the fun.

My boys are the greatest.  :-)

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