Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Individual packages...

In an effort to be green, I try to limit our consumption of "individual serving" items.  I don't buy string cheese, individually packaged chips, juice boxes, etc.  But, this is such a hard rule to follow when you have a toddler in the house.  I've decided that the super market is designed for stressed out mother's of toddlers who see the prepackaged apple slices, crackers, cookies, juice boxes, fruit leather, etc and buy it to make things easier with their kids.  And, I admit that I buy these things too (at least the non-perishable ones) to keep around for when we are out of the house and I need to get him food right away (toddlers have NO patience at all so when they are hungry you better get them food right then or risk a melt down).

Lately, I find myself giving in and buying things that I said I wouldn't buy and then when I really stopped and looked through the snack bag I keep in the diaper bag I realized that I have been buying more of these items than I realized.  I bought a giant box of individually packaged Annie's crackers from cost-co last week because I was thinking how convenient it would be to keep a bunch in the car for those times when I forget to stock the snack bag or forget to grab the snack bag when I do stock it.  I did it without even thinking about it - I have a whole set of reusable containers that I could fill up and keep 2-3 in the car for said toddler meltdowns that I didn't even think about - I just bought the box of individually packaged snacks and now I really regret it.  Yes, we will use them but I feel guilty about it every time I give him one of those bags of crackers. 

And, I'm sending such a horrible message to Dominic.  I want him to grow up and be conscience of the world around him and that such little things like reusable snack containers can really make a big impact on the health of our planet. 

My commitment that I am renewing to our great Earth is that I will buy less of these products and making sure to use those we already have in a responsible manner (like when I don't have real options because we are on a plane to Florida or driving down to Oregon, etc).  My goal is to eventually get rid of them and only buy in bulk and fill our own, reusable, environmentally friendly containers but I'm trying to be realistic and starting with just consuming fewer of them.  I know that the change will last longer in our lives if we make the change slowly instead of abruptly.

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  1. i think when he's old enough to understand the story behind the little cracker packets he may/maynot remember from childhood, it will be a good lesson for him.