Monday, August 23, 2010

i miss you sewing and tea

Life is crazy most of the time - that was my big realization a few days ago.  I haven't had much time for sewing (and I haven't been drinking tea very much either) lately and it's been throwing me off.  It takes missing something to realize how much you rely on it for a little bit of calm time to collect your thoughts and rest.  Not to mention that sewing is my creative outlet and I keep finding more and more inspirational things and need to get something out soon or I might explode with untried ideas.  =)

The house stuff is plodding along slowly - we were supposed to close last week and move in this week but there were some last minute issues.  Not sure how long things will be delayed.  But, we did get paint colors picked for every room but Dominic's room and the master bedroom (mostly because we will be aquiline new bedding for those rooms and don't want to pick paint until we have the bedding).  We went with a pretty neutral palate - very similar to what we had in New York but this time the bathroom and laundry room will be green!  I'm very excited!

Speaking of green issues, I've been catching up on all the green/eco/environmentalist blogs over the past two weeks and I have some interesting posts to share.  First up is a post from EnviroMom about green washing.  Remember - just because it says it's environmentally friendly doesn't me it is.  Granted, I'd rather people use these types of products over traditional plastic but really we should be getting away from one time use products.  And, secondly, is a great video from the creators of the Story of Stuff called the Story of Cosmetics.  It's so easy to get products that are safer and more green these days that it's easy to switch the type of products you use (hey, you can get Burt's Bees and California Baby stuff at Target now and both of those are pretty great alternative to the toxic filled products on the shelves for about the same amount of money).

Now, it's time to sew since Dominic is napping.  Ah, don't you love nap time???

Saturday, August 14, 2010

5 years already

Happy Anniversary Will!  Love you lots!  :-*

Monday, August 9, 2010

Eye Spy With My Little Eye...

At the end of June I was trying to come up with a project for my July Project of the Month.  For some reason I thought that completing two quilts to take with us on our Florida trip at the end of the month as gifts for my two nephews was a brilliant idea.  I had been planning on making an eye spy quilt for each of them and I was originally going to make them for their birthdays this year (which are both in the fall) but no, I thought it was a great idea to get them done in 2.5 weeks and present them when we saw them on our summer visit.  And, right now, I'm on the wrong computer to post the pictures of the completed quilts so you'll all have to do with these two of Dominic and Romeo helping me.  =)  I used the same fabrics in a different order for each of the quilts (the blue one is for the older nephew and the yellow for the younger).  And, I have a ton of hexagons cut out to make Dominic one too but that will be a while from now since I'm a little burnt out this quilt pattern after finishing these two so quickly.  I used a simple polka dot for the back and the inner border on both quilts.  I also used a polyester batting (yes, I know, not good) but it is so much thinner than the cotton batting and they live in Florida so they have no use for a heavy quilt and they do sleep with the quilts I make for them every night.

One Block Wonder!

My Project of the Month for June was to finish my One Block Wonder quilt.  Which I finished all but the biding on it which is now half done.  Below you can see the quilt being prepped for basting, then Romeo "helping" me with it, and then the last pic is the quilting on the back.  As soon as I get the biding done I will get some good shots of the whole thing completed.  :-)  I think I would try to make one of these again but I will find a fabric that isn't so busy.  I like how it turned out but this pattern works so much better with a more minimalist fabric.

It really is a hectic life...

Wow, things have been super crazy and hectic lately!  Where did July go???

Lots has been happening here.  We finally closed on the house in NY and no longer own it!  Goodie!  It was a sad was our first house so it'll always be special to us but, in the long run, the move to Seattle was what was best for our family. =)  And, we are close to closing on a new house here (this is the second one - the first was beautiful and perfect until we did the house inspection.....let's just say that that house could fall down at any moment and had some really, really bad problems).  This new house is huge, has a great yard and deck, and passed the inspection with flying colors.

We also spent two weeks in Florida visiting with Will's family.  That was a crazy hectic trip to say the least - three boys (aged 4, 18 months, and 21 months) in one house together was insane and very loud.  It was nice to visit family but it was also nice to make it home and enjoy the (relative) quite of only one child in the house.  =)  And, we had a whirlwind three day trip to NY after our visit to Florida.  As a last minuted, very unplanned, surprise for Will's parents we flew them to NY with us for our house closing.  They were both from Brooklyn but left over 20 years ago and haven't been back since and since we were flying to NY from Florida it made sense to bring them with us.  So, we then spent 3 days driving ALL over the place for them to see old friends and family and to see all the places they lived, hung out, worked, etc.  It was exhausting but it was worth it since it was a once in a lifetime chance for them to visit NY again.  =)

So, if all that wasn't enough I also completed two quilts during the month of July (see the next post for them).  But I also still need to post about my One Block Wonder that I finished for my June Project of the Month (which is a small lie since the binding is only half done but that's close enough to finished for it to count in my book).

And, there are other exciting things afoot but that will have to wait for later.  =)