Monday, August 9, 2010

Eye Spy With My Little Eye...

At the end of June I was trying to come up with a project for my July Project of the Month.  For some reason I thought that completing two quilts to take with us on our Florida trip at the end of the month as gifts for my two nephews was a brilliant idea.  I had been planning on making an eye spy quilt for each of them and I was originally going to make them for their birthdays this year (which are both in the fall) but no, I thought it was a great idea to get them done in 2.5 weeks and present them when we saw them on our summer visit.  And, right now, I'm on the wrong computer to post the pictures of the completed quilts so you'll all have to do with these two of Dominic and Romeo helping me.  =)  I used the same fabrics in a different order for each of the quilts (the blue one is for the older nephew and the yellow for the younger).  And, I have a ton of hexagons cut out to make Dominic one too but that will be a while from now since I'm a little burnt out this quilt pattern after finishing these two so quickly.  I used a simple polka dot for the back and the inner border on both quilts.  I also used a polyester batting (yes, I know, not good) but it is so much thinner than the cotton batting and they live in Florida so they have no use for a heavy quilt and they do sleep with the quilts I make for them every night.

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