Monday, August 23, 2010

i miss you sewing and tea

Life is crazy most of the time - that was my big realization a few days ago.  I haven't had much time for sewing (and I haven't been drinking tea very much either) lately and it's been throwing me off.  It takes missing something to realize how much you rely on it for a little bit of calm time to collect your thoughts and rest.  Not to mention that sewing is my creative outlet and I keep finding more and more inspirational things and need to get something out soon or I might explode with untried ideas.  =)

The house stuff is plodding along slowly - we were supposed to close last week and move in this week but there were some last minute issues.  Not sure how long things will be delayed.  But, we did get paint colors picked for every room but Dominic's room and the master bedroom (mostly because we will be aquiline new bedding for those rooms and don't want to pick paint until we have the bedding).  We went with a pretty neutral palate - very similar to what we had in New York but this time the bathroom and laundry room will be green!  I'm very excited!

Speaking of green issues, I've been catching up on all the green/eco/environmentalist blogs over the past two weeks and I have some interesting posts to share.  First up is a post from EnviroMom about green washing.  Remember - just because it says it's environmentally friendly doesn't me it is.  Granted, I'd rather people use these types of products over traditional plastic but really we should be getting away from one time use products.  And, secondly, is a great video from the creators of the Story of Stuff called the Story of Cosmetics.  It's so easy to get products that are safer and more green these days that it's easy to switch the type of products you use (hey, you can get Burt's Bees and California Baby stuff at Target now and both of those are pretty great alternative to the toxic filled products on the shelves for about the same amount of money).

Now, it's time to sew since Dominic is napping.  Ah, don't you love nap time???

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