Monday, August 9, 2010

It really is a hectic life...

Wow, things have been super crazy and hectic lately!  Where did July go???

Lots has been happening here.  We finally closed on the house in NY and no longer own it!  Goodie!  It was a sad was our first house so it'll always be special to us but, in the long run, the move to Seattle was what was best for our family. =)  And, we are close to closing on a new house here (this is the second one - the first was beautiful and perfect until we did the house inspection.....let's just say that that house could fall down at any moment and had some really, really bad problems).  This new house is huge, has a great yard and deck, and passed the inspection with flying colors.

We also spent two weeks in Florida visiting with Will's family.  That was a crazy hectic trip to say the least - three boys (aged 4, 18 months, and 21 months) in one house together was insane and very loud.  It was nice to visit family but it was also nice to make it home and enjoy the (relative) quite of only one child in the house.  =)  And, we had a whirlwind three day trip to NY after our visit to Florida.  As a last minuted, very unplanned, surprise for Will's parents we flew them to NY with us for our house closing.  They were both from Brooklyn but left over 20 years ago and haven't been back since and since we were flying to NY from Florida it made sense to bring them with us.  So, we then spent 3 days driving ALL over the place for them to see old friends and family and to see all the places they lived, hung out, worked, etc.  It was exhausting but it was worth it since it was a once in a lifetime chance for them to visit NY again.  =)

So, if all that wasn't enough I also completed two quilts during the month of July (see the next post for them).  But I also still need to post about my One Block Wonder that I finished for my June Project of the Month (which is a small lie since the binding is only half done but that's close enough to finished for it to count in my book).

And, there are other exciting things afoot but that will have to wait for later.  =)

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