Thursday, September 30, 2010

New "friends"

Things at the new house are progressing slowly but surely.  The painting is starting next week so I'm very exciting about it but also apprehensive since it's going to disrupt our routine - oh, well!  It's worth it to have the house looking nice.  We are mostly unpacked - the rest is waiting for the painting to be finished and it's mostly cosmetic items anyways (pictures, wall hangings, seasonal decorations, etc).

I've been discovering so many new "friends" here in the neighborhood.  We have deer that pass through the area every few days and there is also a bear that comes around once in a while (we haven't seen it yet but have been warned about leaving trash out because of it).  The bird feeder out front is attracting all kinds of lovely birds - junco's, a Spotted Towhee, several kinds of sparrow, a Stellar Jay, several kinds of chickadee, and what I think is a warbler of some type.  I have yet to figure out where I can get good pictures of them without scaring them off.  Moving the bird feeder is probably the best option to get good photos. 

And, we have lots of spiders hanging out which are particularly noticeable because of the early morning fog.  They create the most beautiful webs even if they are a bit yucky:

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