Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love fall!

I love fall - it is my favorite season of all.  The weather is wonderful with cool, crisp mornings and sunny, warm afternoons.  It's great to bundle up a little bit with sweaters, scarfs, and boots but still nice enough to go for long walks and play outside.  And, the food, how do I love it.  All my favorites come out this time of year - pumpkin (in just about any form), steaming hot bowls of stew, winter squash, fresh apples, fresh cranberries, hot apple pie, savory nuts, hot apple cider, Halloween candy, and the list can go on.  We went pumpkin picking two weekends ago and will be apple picking this past weekend so there is lots of food prep going on around here (apple cider jelly will be made soon - yummy).

One of my favorite parts is, of course, the changing of the trees.  There is hardly anything so pretty in all of nature (although I do admit that it was way prettier in NY and I do miss NY a lot right now).

And, last but not least, it's crochet and quilt weather.  I find myself sewing and crocheting so much this time of year.  The weather just says you need something warm to wrap around you and snuggle under.  =)

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