Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My hexagon "diamonds" quilt is coming along nicely.  I took a break from it for a few weeks because it's really gotten too big to travel with since I am down to adding on the border pieces (not to mention that the move and unpacking the house was crazy).  I'd like to get half the border done this month and the second half done in November so that I can start quilting on it in December.  Yes, I have a plan and I'm going to stick with it - my WIP list is getting a bit long and I am now several gift quilts behind (sorry Beth and baby Jerrick - they are almost done I promise!).

It's been fun doing this quilt.  I wasn't really sure if I was going to like English Paper Piecing when I started it and thought that I might only end up with a pretty pillow cover but I've found it very enjoyable and relaxing.  And, it such an easy thing to travel with.  =)  I've learned a lot with my first EPP quilt too. Mainly, pull your stitches tight because if you don't it will come apart and you'll have to re-do a lot of sewing (yes, my first 20-30 "diamonds" had some issues that had to be fixed later on).  Another important one is to use thread that coordinates with your fabrics - I used white thread and you can see a lot of my stitches and, from what I've seen on other's EPP projects, using colored thread hides them better.

I will continue with hexagons at a future date because I have plans for two other hexagon quilts (a half hexagon pinwheel and a traditional Grandmother's flower garden).  But, my next EPP is going to be a 60 degree diamond star quilt.  I joined a quilt along group and am just waiting for my new templates to show up in the mail to start it.  I have a large pile of scraps already pulled out of my stash.  I'm going with green, purple, and blue - some of my favorite colors.

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  1. What are you planning for the border? It's lovely so far. Fran in CA