Friday, November 19, 2010

EPP quilts

Things have been progressing slowly on my new EPP project (60 degree diamond stars).  I have 15 stars completed and I just bought 2 yards of white fabric today to make all the diamonds that go between the stars.  I'm hoping that I can get most of them connected while we are in Florida next week for Thanksgiving and Christine's wedding.  I usually have a lot of time sitting around chatting and watching the kids play that would be good time to sew.  =)

Progress on 11/14/10.
My hexagon "diamonds" is still not finished.  I look back at this post and wonder what I was on that day.  How did I ever think I'd be quilting it in December!  The border is about half done - let me correct that, the first border is about half done.  I'm doing a row of black hexagons all the way around the edge and then I'm going to applique it down to another fabric to make a second border that will allow me to have straight edges on it.  I have no idea what type of fabric to use for the second border - something patterned and colorful or something solid?

I think that the diamonds are harder to sew than the hexagons.  The seam allowance on the hexagons is easier to work with (because you can cut squares to use for the hexagons) and I've been so used to that that I'm having some issues with less fabric to hold onto while sewing.  And, it's harder to get the six points to line up in the middle - the few that I've had go wrong are only off a millimeter or so which means I'm not going to worry too much but it would be nice to figure out what I was doing wrong and why I've only done it on 3-4 of them (I think I'm making them all the same way but I guess I'm not).  Anyone have any tips/tricks for the diamonds?

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  1. tips, tricks? you asked the right blog reader :)
    but first, i love the black hex border, and i vote for a 2nd border fabric of anything that you just love. from the stash or not, border fabric should be a guilty pleasure..
    ok, on to diamonds. have you watched my video?
    I piece 3 diamonds (a half star), then add on two background diamonds to get a 5 template piece. then stitch a separate three diamond piece (a half star), and lay that on top of the 5 template piece and stitch them together. this should help with lining up the points in the center. if the fabric of the center diamonds doesn't quite reach the junction of the other two, I'll take the needle and go "get" some, pulling tight on the thread and securing the center of the star, so i don't end up with a hole. does that make sense? if not, watch the video again. what you end up with is an 8 template unit that can work as a puzzle piece as you join them together and arrange your colors. this method worked very well for me, but go with whatever works for you. :)
    and as for cutting.. i have 1.5" sided diamonds, and i cut my fabric into 2 1/8" strips and then cut on the 60* angle. you could even go with 2.25" strips so you have more fabric to hold onto as you baste.
    let me know if things are getting easier..
    miss you. xoxo