Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quilting - what's that???

I haven't really done much sewing/quilting since the painters finished in the house.  Too many things to do this time of year between getting ready for the holidays, finishing the unpacking, and attempting to organize my sewing space.  It's been a little frustrating because I do find it relaxing and fun but it's not really possible to sew when your stuff is all in boxes and needs to be organized and put away. 

I've mostly been unpacking all the stuff that was in my old "sewing room" in NY (by "sewing room" I mean the table in the corner of the laundry room and all the boxes stored in the corner of the basement).  I had a lot of stuff and it wasn't really organized in a way to be of use (I scrapbook and do my own hand bound books and I have a lot of painting supplies and watercolors).  It's been fun going through it all and reminiscing about the old projects I used to work on.  Getting it all sorted and put away is a big goal of mine.  I'd like to be able to get back into painting and scrapbooking but it's hard to do when everything is in such a mess.  If you can't get to your supplies then you are never going to be able to really be creative in the way that you want to be creative - and I think this applies to anything in life be it sewing, painting, cooking, doing research, gardening, etc. 

And, then there is the fabric mess to deal with.  The movers in NY just dumped all my fabric into boxes with no plan whatsoever (unless that plan was to cause me grief when I opened the boxes here).  So, this means that all my nicely sorted scrap fabric is now in one giant box to be sorted again (and it all needs to be re-washed because they mixed together the boxes of washed scraps with all of the unwashed scraps not to mention the several bags of scraps that I have acquired in the past few months).  That is a chore that hasn't been going well - mostly because I don't really have anywhere to put the sorted piles that is safe from the cats and Dominic (all three of them can open the sewing room door without help!).  Many piles have been creatively "re-sorted" ever so nicely for me.  =)  The acquisition of some storage containers is needed before too much more on this project can be accomplished. 

In all of this mess, I have been able to cut the fabric for two projects (small baby quilts - one for baby Jerrick and one for "Sweet Pea") and I've decided I need to clear some space on the table to sew them together before I continue sorting and putting away everything else.  I've almost run out of diamonds to sew together for my EPP star quilt so I must find and cut more fabric for that project as well.  And, I did make it to the November meeting of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild where I was able to work on some wonky star fun. 

Hopefully, I'll have something finished (or at least some quilty-goodness started) to show to you all soon. 

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  1. happy thanksgiving!!
    i totally understand your unpacking/disorganized state and all i can say is keep going! even sorting one pile/box per day will help you get going in the right direction. it took me many many months to get my sewing room in order (and 1/4 of my closet is still piled with unsorted/untouched paper crafting supplies). it will happen.
    oh, and i like your star with the striped background..