Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas is a week away

Christmas is in one week - how did that happen?  It seems like time is getting away from me faster and faster of late.  I think it must be that it's a time of year with so many things going on that I lose track of the days and what's coming up.  One of those things this year was my blog - I had so many posts that I had planned since I've been doing some neat craft and sewing things but the time write them out was lost along the way somewhere.  The other issue is that I am lacking good pictures.  My camera has finally died and it only works once in a while now but since it's been my faithful friend since 2001 I'm not too sad.  It had a long and useful life for a digital camera.  =) 

I was planning on getting a new camera but then I discovered that my phone has an amazing camera built right in - with a higher resolution and better picture capabilities than my old camera had!  The only real issue is that it's a new phone since my old phone had finally died too (a Window's 7 phone - thanks Will, it's very cool) and I'm still trying to figure it out.  Most of the time I can get a decent picture but I have to re-learn how to take pictures since it's sooo much faster than my old digital.  Hopefully, soon I can get it all figured out and upload some stuff to share.  =)

I've been thinking lately about the holiday traditions that I want to pass on to my children that were important to my family growing up.  We always received one new Christmas ornament every year that we opened on Christmas eve - I have most of mine from when I was little and they are special to me.  I always made candy every year with my Grandmother - almond toffee bark and fudge were two we did every year!  And, a tradition that I started with Dominic, is to decorate a Gingerbread house every year.  Christmas time is always special and fully of wonderful memories to cherish in the years to come - what holiday traditions do you celebrate in your family?


  1. Our family has always gotten together on Christmas Eve and had a fun time of ham sandwiches, cookies, and chips and opening gifts that are from each other. Santa's gifts for the children are reserved for Christmas Day. We go one at a time from youngest to oldest and savor every moment and take lots of photos. It's a casual time for the kids, where Christmas Day is a tad more formal with extended family.

  2. For a bunch of years growing up (maybe from 12yrs old on?) the women in the family would gather the day after thanksgiving and make Leibkouken (sp) from my great grandmother's recipe. it's a type of german gingerbread that lasts forever. (or, well, that's what the non-german uncles always said-- Uncle Jerry & my dad swear it can be used to re-tile a roof). so the baking and joking are both part of the tradition now.
    With George, we don't have any traditions yet-- last year we went to see the tree at rockafeller center on christmas eve. i'd like to try and make that a tradition..