Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Abandon or not?

Today has been a frustrating afternoon of sewing. 

I've had this project cut out and sitting on my sewing table for a good 4-5 months now.  It is (was?) going to be a baby quilt for a friend of mine who had a little boy in November.  I thought that I should sit down and finish it this week since I'll be visiting them over the weekend.  But, now I don't know what to do with it.  :(  I made a fatal cutting error on the white triangles (only 1 millimeter) - actually, I think it was a fatal math error that led me down the road to cutting them just a smidgen too small.  In my haste to finish it quickly I didn't catch it until I was sewing the four blocks together (they should be 20 inches square and will be attached with sashing). 

You can see in the pictures how the edges are crooked and the tips of the triangles are a little blunt and not as pointy as they should be - it doesn't look as obvious in the picture as it does in real life.  I now have the quilt about 75% done and can't decide if I should just go with it and give it to them anyways or abandon it and make something else later.  I know they will totally understand since both Mom and Dad are big crafters and quilters and both will sympathize since they've "been there done that" with some of their own projects but I still feel weird about it.  And, I worry that making something else later will not happen since "Sweet Pea" is due in 8 weeks (How did that happen???? I still have to finish the two quilts I've started for him/her/it.)  What would you do?


  1. push forward & finish it. the small fudges won't be that glaring once it's quilted, shrunk in the dryer, and loved. It will still be warm & good for hiding under, won't it?

  2. I inherited a project from my grandma with a similar issue. After piecing it all together, the edges were a bit off, but after quilting it, the piecing flaws were hardly noticeable. My mom plans to hang it in her entryway, so I call that a success.

    With the cute fabrics and design you have, I say keep going!