Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January PotM

I used to "assign" myself a sewing project every month and I stopped doing it mid-2010 since I thought that it wasn't that productive but after reflecting on it I think I actually sewed more in the months I gave myself a project to work on.  It's funny how things work out but I make more time to be creative and sew when I have a specific goal in mind.  And, when I complete that goal I always seem to spend more time working on other works-in-progress or trying out new ideas.

For January, my Project of the Month is to work on the final items for Sweet Pea's nursery (the curtains and baby quilt).  The curtains were finished and hung up earlier this month and the quilt is almost finished.  I have two borders to add to the quilt and then the quilting.  It's not an elaborate pattern and I'm keeping the quilting very simple so it should be finished during another 2-3 nap times.

The nursery "theme" is the rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle and I found a great fabric that had it illustrated nicely.  I cut out the large squares from a panel and added the blue and red border and have a larger, third border to add to it before it'll be ready for quilting. 

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