Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February sewing...

This has been a very frustrating month for me in the world of sewing.  I seem to have lost my mind and keep doing really dumb things over and over and over.  For example, I sat down when I had a free 20 minutes to "make" some fabric squares I can work with in a scrap quilt I have in mind but I managed to spend 10 minutes sewing scraps together with NO thread in the bobbin.  I've yet to figure out how I spent so much time sewing without noticing that nothing was actually being sewn together.  And then I left my power cord at quilt guild last weekend. :(  I haven't been able to sew since then and it's been frustrating but I do know who has my cord and will be able to get it back so at least I have that comfort.  :)  The whole month has been full of little, annoying, frustrating sewing mistakes so I think I must give up for a little bit and stick to making EPP stars.

I did manage to get a good start on cutting and sewing a quilt top for my friend Beth.  It's all blue and white and probably the most modern quilt I've ever done.  I'm excited about it but I can't really post pictures because I don't want her to see it in advance so here it is all cut up:

I also finished my February Project of the Month with time to spare (Dominic's 2 year photo album - well, technically I still need to go through it and spell check everything and double check it all for red eye but everything is in place so the hard part is done).  But, since it's a photo book I can't really share pictures with you until I order it and then it probably won't be that interesting to see a picture of a picture book.

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