Monday, February 7, 2011

January PotM

My January project of the month was to complete Sweet Pea's baby quilt and I mostly finished it on time.  I forgot about adding a label to the back until I was about to finish the binding!  I had to unpick a big section of stitches and so had this small section in the corner unfinished until the second day of February when I had time to add the label and finish off the binding.  It's funny how it doesn't really look how I thought it would - it's a bit too busy.  I found a huge panel of the squares in the middle and thought they would look nice with simple blue and red borders and then the busy print as the outer border.  I like it and I'm happy with it but if I had to do it again I think I would make the inner borders bigger and maybe not do the outer border or make it a bit smaller by cutting off one (or both) sections of wording.  I've never really worked with huge panels before so it was a new experience for me.  =)

I really like how the quilting turned out on the back - very simple but it ended up really even with almost no puckering at all!  Quilting without puckers is my dream - no matter what I do there is always something wrong on the back of my quilts.  :(  I think part of the problem is that I don't quilt a lot so I'm just not that practiced at it but I also think that maybe I should take a class how to baste a quilt.  The more I read on the internet about quilting the more I think that I might not be basting my quilts enough even though they seem like they have a ton of pins in them when I'm done.  Or it could be a combination of factors - I would just like to get better at it sooner rather than later.  =)

My February Project of the Month isn't something I can easily share on a blog so I won't have any nice pictures at the end of the month but it will be a creative endeavor.  I want to finish Dominic's second year photo album - I'm creating it on and it's super easy.  I'm already finished up to the month of June so it's half done.  I love the photo books on Shutterfly and have made a bunch of them (our wedding, Dominic's first year, gift books for others, etc).  They are super easy to make and turn out great.  And, they have some really nice sales so if you're not on a deadline you can create it and save it until they have a good sale and then buy it.  Ideally, I'll finish it soon and have time for some sewing fun in which case I want to finish up baby Jerrick's quilt.  I have it all ready to quilt and bind so it should be another easy and quick project.  Of course, this will only happen if Sweet Pea doesn't come early - if that happens then who knows when things will settle down (but I don't have any high hopes of an early baby since Dominic was a week and six days late!).

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