Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The ugly pink blanket...

This is my ugly pink blanket and it means the world to me.  It's warm and special.  My Great-Grandma Ruby crocheted it long before I was born as a gift for either my Mom or my Grandma (both of them insist she made it for them and both of them have "owned" it as some point so I'm not really sure who it was made for but it doesn't really matter because now it lives with me). 

I always remember this blanket being there in the background of life.  It could be draped across the back of the couch, covering up my Grandma when she was watching tv, or laying across the foot of my Mother's bed.  It's funny how such a simple thing can be so present in your memory.  I have lots of memories of being covered up with this blanket when I wasn't feeling well (again, both at home on our couch and at my Grandma's house on her couch) and I want to hold on to that special feeling and keep it around for my kids.  Dominic and Romeo both make frequent use of it already so I think it will happen for them over time too.

When I look at it I think it's ugly and yet is is very beautiful too - I really don't like pink and it doesn't go with any of my decor but the fact that it was made by hand, by a loved one as a special gift makes it beautiful and amazing.  I find it inspiring too since it has held up so well after all these years of use and frequent washings - I only hope that the quilts and blankets I made will do so well and be so loved.  What special objects exist in your life?

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  1. It is a beautiful blanket and you are lucky to have such a special blanket.