Saturday, April 9, 2011

Earth Day is coming soon

Earth Day is coming up soon (April 22) and it's made me think about what I've been doing lately to continue my quest to be "green" and eco-conscience.  This month I have several posts planned (as long as kids and such allow me to write - I'm still getting into the groove of having two kids around now) to hopefully inspire others out there to go green with me! 

My main goal this year to to consume less paper towel (and eventually stop using them entirely in our home).  Paper towels are pretty wasteful and are often made with very little recycled content.  Most often we use paper towels in our house as napkins and for wiping up spills and messes.  In February, I bough a huge bag of rags (on clearance for less than $3) and we've been using them for cleaning up almost everything that we used to use paper towels for (table, cabinets, Dominic, spills, etc).  We have also started using kitchen towels as napkins at meals.  I have a laundry basket in the laundry room for used rags and kitchen towels that I throw in the washer once a week with our load of bath towels.  The only real thing that I haven't figured out a replacement for is using them to soak up grease (like when you make bacon) - but I guess the occasional use of a paper towel for bacon is okay since I can put it in our compost bin.  I have also cut up a bunch of old white t-shirts into large squares to use for cleaning things like windows and as a replacement for the swifer cloths (nothing gets up the cat hair from the wood floors better than the swifer broom but the cloths were expensive and hugely wasteful so I'm really excited about using the t-shirts as a replacement).

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  1. you can compost bacon grease?
    before george was born i bought a bunch of small washcloths that we used instead of diaper wipes (i washed his bottom after every diaper-- insane new mom, i know!) and i got another set for mealtime messes. The texture of a wet washcloth gets mac & cheese off the face and hands a million times better than wet papertowels. great on oatmeal, yogurt, honey and anything else that he gets all over himself at meals. they aren't the baby bathtime wash cloths that you can find at babies r us, they're rougher-- i think they're called bar cloths? anyway, i swear by them.