Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

In my search for inspiration on how to continue my journey to be more "green" I have found that other bloggers are one of the best sources of information out there  (which I have also found true for quilting - sewing tutorials are amazing!).  So, here is a list of Green blogs that I read pretty regularly and find a lot of helpful and inspiring information on:

My Plastic Free Life (aka: Fake Plastic Fish) - the journey of one woman in San Francisco to eliminate plastic from her life.  Amazing resource for learning about the issues of plastic and how to use less of it and (hopefully) get ride of it totally. 

No Impact Man - "crazy" New Yorker who experimented with his family for a year to find ways to live with no impact on our planet for a year.  His project took extreme measures (like no electricity for half the year) but it was done in the spirit of trying inspire others to take up their own projects and lessen their own impact on the planet.  If you are a Netflix subscriber his movie is currently available on the instant play list.  Really inspiring to me because he started from zero - he had no idea what he was doing and just jumped in head first and learned a lot in the process.  His goal is to find the middle path in life where we are all striving to do our part and save the planet but also finding ways to be more efficient about it so it's not a struggle but becomes the normal way of life.

Crunchy Domestic Goddess - a mother who writes about the eco-movement from a family standpoint.  Lots of information about "green" kids products and craft projects.  A lot of information about natural family living.

Betz White - an eco-friendly crafter!  She creates some super cute and beautiful crafts all by recycling (felted wool, re-purposing old clothing, etc)!  And she even has her kids doing it and creating super cute projects.  Inspiring from a creative side and an "green" side.

This last one isn't a blog but a site with some short videos about how we ended up in our crazy consumer driven society: The Story of Stuff.  Simple but informative.  A good place to start if you are just dipping your toes into the waters of the "green" movement. 

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