Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I finally got a chance to sit in my sewing room and play with fabric.  Malcolm was contentedly sleeping in the carrier and Dominic was happy to "sort" through the fabric with me.  :)  I have several scrap projects that are in progress that I plan on working on this month - all of them are perfect for short 5-20 minute long breaks that I can sneak in for sewing right now. The first is my wonky star project - I've been piecing on these for a while and have a big stack of them so I think I'll make a few more and then see what I can do with them.  The second is my spider web quilt - I started it back in 2009 and thought that I was done with the top except for some borders but then I found more of my theme fabric in my scraps so I think I'm going to try to add another row or two to it since I did want it to be bigger. 

And, the third project is to search for more epp star fabric in my scrap bins - I think I might have used up everything I have in my stash that is in the right color scheme (green, purple, and blue).  I found a few pieces that I haven't used yet but not as much as I was hoping for.  I did get them all cut out but I any not anywhere close to the number I need to finish the quilt at the size I want - I guess I'll have to go fabric shopping soon (oh, darn!).


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  1. my stash is full of purple and green.. do you need me to send you some?