Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby quilt

Dominic has been going to a music class for the past year that he loves (during our Christmas break he cried when we walked past the building the class is held in and I had to tell him that there wasn't any music class that week).  His teacher was wonderful and fun and Dominic really bonded with her so I thought I'd make her a thank you gift since today was our last class with her.  As a quilter I immediately thought of a quilt and since she is having a baby in August a baby quilt was the perfect thing! I had Dominic go through my stash of novelty fabrics with me and pick out a bunch that he liked and I sewed them up into a quick I-spy baby quilt!  I really liked this project because it was simple (and had no problems), I used only fabric from my stash (which I've never done before), and because Dominic was able to participate and help me pick out what fabric to use.  This marks my 6th quilt of 2011!  I've never finished this many quilts in a single year before!  It's exciting!

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  1. 6 quilts and a new baby!! I feel like such a slacker..