Wednesday, June 29, 2011

House hold sewing

June has been an interesting month for me - I went on an organizing spree in the house and accomplished a lot in every room but my sewing room which now looks worse than ever!  It's become a room to put "Amber" stuff that doesn't really have a home anywhere else (like the vhs video's of my high school band concerts - I don't want to part with them but I don't own a vcr so I'm not sure what to do with them) or stuff that needs to be repacked before being put away (like the Christmas decorations that I found in the pantry).  It's rather frustrating that everything is piled in there now but I'm glad that I was able to get a lot done.  I've come to the mindset that less is more and I've started getting rid of a lot of stuff that we don't really need or use (having most of our stuff in storage for 6 months when we first moved back here has been a huge help to figuring out what we don't really need or use).  Through this whole process I realized that my house doesn't show that I'm a crafter/quilter.  I have a lot of handmade goods and works of art but all of them have been done by other people (except for one quilt on the couch, the baby quilts for the boys, and one set of coasters).  I do love handmade items and I want my house to have more of that look to it so I've set myself the goal of making some house hold stuff for me (I've made lots of house hold goods in the past but I've given all of them away). 

The first up on the list was a hot pad and tea cozy set.  I finished the hot pad (except for binding) and will be making a matching tea cozy soon.  My original plan was to make another square of the 2.5 inch squares and cut it to fit the rounded top of the tea cozy pattern but now I don't think that will look good.  I'm following this tea cozy tutorial.  Maybe I should make vertical stripes instead of squares? Or pick my two favorite fabrics from the hot pad and use one on each side of the cozy? Any suggestions?

Next up will be place-mats for the dinning room (maybe made with this fabric which is the colors that I'd like to bring into the room) or maybe some pot holders for the kitchen.

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