Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beth's quilt

In many ways this was a frustratingly long quilt to make.  I wanted to make a simple/modern style quilt for a house warming present for my friend Beth (she had a blue and white theme going on in her bedroom).  So, when I came up with the plan for this quilt I thought it was going to be super quick and easy.  But boy was the simplicity of it the thing that made it very hard to finish - there wasn't any room to have something be out of place.  But, in the end I'm super happy with it and I really like the way it turned out (and I finished it just in time for our visit last weekend). 

I auditioned a lot of different blue fabrics before I found just the right set of them and then I had to rearrange them many times to get the placement of each right and balanced.  It was very hard to decide on the back too.  I wanted to put something on it but every thing I auditioned just didn't feel right so I left it totally blank which I think works well with the simple quilting.  The random straight line quilting was easy and quick but it was so hard to resist the urge to do more of it and make it more even and regular.  It was fun to make and I've definitely learned that simple doesn't always mean faster or easier!

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