Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Too much of a good thing...

I'm at a weird place in my quilting right now.  I love to read blogs and spend tons of time browsing flicker but I feel like I've gone into inspiration overload.  I have a HUGE list of quilt ideas and sketches but I can't really decide what to work on.  How do I know if the idea is mine or if I'm just replicating something I've seen somewhere else on the internet?  But then again, quilting is such an old craft that aren't we all just doing what those before us have already done?  I feel very overwhelmed by it all right now - I want to sew more but I can't figure out what to work on.  Nothing really seems to be flowing well and I keep hitting a lot of bumps in the road with what I'm trying to work on.  How do you deal with too many ideas and not enough time?

I've also been cutting like crazy lately (I always liked the way my back of trimmings looks - so many bits of color all splashed together - maybe some day I will make a quilt that replicates that?).  I have a few projects that I'm working on that I've been setting fabric aside for that I also want to include in other things which meant I needed to cut out what I would need so I would know what I had left to work with for other projects.

It's been fun and relaxing to cut cut and stack for a while and not worry about the design problems - I think I just need a clear head so I can stand back and have that "oh" moment that will solve the issue.

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