Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 New Year Resolutions

So far 2012 has been pretty interesting.  We were snowed in with 11 inches of snow for a week - usually we get 1-2 inches that lasts 24 hours or less.  It was a good week of being creative with lots of sewing and trying to cook with what we had in the house.  We tried a vegan coffee cake the day we ran out of eggs and milk that was pretty darn good.
2011 was a good year it had its ups and downs but overall it was a good year.  Our little Sweet Pea (Malcolm) was born, I had appendicitis, we celebrated Dominic's 1000th day, took a few short vacations to visit family in Oregon, one long vacation to visit family in Florida, finished 11 quilts (and started at least 11 more), read lots books, and Will and I celebrated 10 years together.

I feel like my resolutions last year were good ones. All very manageable and accomplished.  It was a much more relaxed year than 2010 even with the added stress of a new baby and on-going family issues.  So here are my 2012 resolutions.

Use the kids afternoon nap/rest time to do something for me and not for chores.
Sew more.
Read lots.
Don't stress about on-going family issues.
Purge the file boxes and everything else! 
Take a real vacation (one that does not involve visiting family).
Do more hiking.

I feel like 2012 will be a good year. 

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