Friday, January 6, 2012

Adventures in eating

I make (almost) all the baby food Malcolm eats and I made (almost) all the baby food that Dominic eats.  I like making their food because I know exactly what goes into it and I can add what I want to make it interesting (Have you tasted pre-made baby food?  It is just not appetizing to me and don't get me started on the pureed baby food meats - they just freak me out.).  

I made up a few batches of food a few days ago and it took me about 30 minutes and now I have enough broccoli, peas, and butternut squash for a month of meals.  All three of these items I steamed in the microwave and then pureed in the blender.  I also like to make up batches of baby puree and finger foods while cooking dinner for the rest of the house (i.e. I baked two extra sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving that I cut up and froze to have as quick finger food).  I did learn (the hard way) that there are some things that it is just easier to buy ready made than to try and make yourself.  Trying to puree prunes and spinach was a nightmare and I tried each only once when I was cooking for Dominic.  I'm also a big fan of introducing spices and herbs from a young age (sauteed garlic with the green beans, mint in the peas, cinnamon with bananas or applesauce, rosemary on the squash, etc).  I feel like both my boys are health eaters because I tried from the very beginning to include foods that we would normally eat in a pureed form and then later cut up into finger foods.  I don't want my boys to eat something that I wouldn't want to eat myself.  Not to mention the fact that I enjoy cooking and want to pass that love and skill on to them.

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