Thursday, January 5, 2012

Handmade Christmas

Our Christmas this year was loud and eventful.  We spent it with my husband's side of the family which meant we had 4 boys under 6 all opening presents at the same time - it was loud.  Very, very, very loud. 

As a crafter I enjoy giving and receiving handmade gifts.  This year, I had grand plans to make pot holder/hot pad sets for a lot of people that fell through.  Two little ones being sick at the same time meant very little sewing time in early December.  I guess the good news is that I have a jump start of them for next year!  I did manage to finish up two crochet hook cases for my Mother-In-Law and Aunt-In-Law.  I kept it simple with a single band of patchwork on the outside of each.  Both are big crocheters so I know the gifts will be well used.

The trip also meant that I started working on my travel project again!  I had put it away early in the summer to finish up a few other projects so it was nice to dive back in and sew up a bunch of stars. Hopefully soon, I can lay it out and add the new pile of stars on and take updated pictures.

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  1. I love handmade gifts - they seem to mean so much more because the person spent the time to make them. Can't wait to see your star quilt!