Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My first quilt...

This is my first quilt.  I made it over a 9ish month period back in 2002 as a gift for my Grandma.  When my Grandma passed away in 2006 it disappeared - I had an idea where it was but no way to confirm it.  Luckily, my Great-Aunt knew it was missing and where I thought it was and she went looking for it for me!  It is so nice to have it back and I love sitting with it wrapped around me (and I try really hard to not look at it too closely and see how many "mistakes" are in it!).  Not only does it bring back great memories of my Grandma but great memories of trying to teach myself how to sew and quilt!  Having it around is also making me want to sew another 9-patch star quilt.

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