Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More pillows

After Dominic's enthusiastic response to the first two pillows I made for his cupboard I decided to make him another one this past weekend while I attended the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild meeting (I also worked on quilting my rainbow quilt top).  I quilted this pillow with random square loops.  Again, he said he really liked it and wanted another one.  I'm out of pillow forms so it might be awhile but I really like the instant gratification that comes with making a small and quick project.  Too bad quilts don't come together so quickly...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring is near...

The crocuses are starting to bloom...spring must be near.  =)

Sunday, February 5, 2012


In our house we have this random cupboard under the stairs.  It's pretty big but oddly shaped.  I often refer to it as our Harry Potter closet because it reminds me of his room under the stairs.  After trying to figure out how to store stuff in it or add shelves we decided that it's a good place for Dominic (not as a bedroom!) to have a play space that was all his.  So we set out to make some pillows (and by we I mean me but Dominic did help me pick out all the scrap fabric) to make it a nice space to climb in and read a book or have some quiet time.  I worked on these pillows at various Seattle Modern Quilt Guild friday night sew-in meetings starting back in September (wow, just realized it took me 5 months to make two pillow covers).

I did some simple wavy line quilting on the square pillow and a square spiral on the smaller, rectangular pillow. Dominic told me after I showed him the second one, "Oh, another rocket ship pillow.  I want you to make another one because this is really awesome!"  The boy sure knows how to compliment his Mom!