Thursday, April 5, 2012

Story Stones

Back in December I found on Amazon this cute dice game, Rory's Story cubes.  You roll the dice and make up a story based on the pictures you roll.  I thought it was a great idea for Dominic but decided to wait to get it since the dice would be a choking hazard for Malcolm (he's one of those kids who tries to eat everything and has an amazing knack for finding small things to eat).  Then a week ago I saw Story Stones on Pinterest - similar idea but baby safe. I showed the picture to Dominic and he was immediately for making some.

We went rock hunting as soon as the sun peaked out from behind the rain clouds.  Even Malcolm helped find them!

Then we washed them up and I started drawing on pictures.  I had Dominic give me a list of items to draw and added in some ideas of my own.  We need to collect more stones since many of our first batch are too dark or too rough for the markers I was using.  Some turned out better than others but they have been a big hit so far.

I love anything that will encourage my boys to be creative and use their imaginations.  Now, the only problem is finding a nice container in which to store them.


  1. Oh! the boys look so happy with their new activity~
    I've been collecting stones for this type of project too, but I was planning to modge podge stickers or cut fabric to make the pictures, like Red Bird Crafts had done. It's an excellent springtime craft. I hope to bring with a bucket and collect some more when we go to the islands in June.
    I know i don't comment as much as I should, but i do read your blog faithfully and I miss you guys.

  2. Love both these ideas - the drawing and the modge podge, too! Thanks for sharing!