Monday, July 23, 2012


The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild is doing a star quilt-a-long.  I've always loved star quilts (in fact, my first two quilts were 9-patch stars) and I immediately started searching for a new/different type of star quilt to make when I realized that I have two star quilts in progress already!  My 60 degree diamond stars and my wonky stars project.  My diamond star quilt is all hand done using the English paper piecing method.  I used to carry it with me all the time and I made 60-70 stars before I put it aside for a while since I ran out of templates and fabric!  Three months later (and lots of fabric shopping and scrap trading) I have another set of templates and lots of fabric to cut into so I started work on it again.  I didn't realized how much I missed working on it until I started up on it - I find the handwork very relaxing. 

This past week the boys and I headed over to the Olympic Sculpture Garden in downtown Seattle and had a lovely picnic in the sun and then we discovered a children's play table in the cafe/gift shop building.  The boys were happy to sit and play out of the sun and I was happy to sit and stitch!

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  1. Glad you picked it up again!
    can't wait to see how it progresses.