Wednesday, September 12, 2012

C&J Wedding quilt

A good friend of mine from college was married this summer in a beautiful spot on the coast of California.  I wanted to make her and her new husband a quilt but they will be moving abroad this Autumn and have limited packing space.  After viewing their wedding photos repeatedly for inspiration I decided to make my first art quilt. 

I'm very pleased with how this little wall quilt turned out.  It's the smallest quilt I've ever made and the little people were VERY hard to cut and sew.  It's all raw edge applique with black quilting for the rocks in the water.  I had the perfect scraps for it - it must have been fate.  The only thing I regret was not photographing it before I packed it up and delivered it.  There wasn't an iron in our hotel room so it's all wrinkled. 

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