Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Grandpa Bill and the boys last Christmas
 November was a rough month for us.  Will's father unexpectedly passed away and it was quite a shock to us all.  It sort of put the holidays and all the crazy stress that comes with it in perspective for us this year.  He was a good Grandpa to the boys and will be missed.  And then, four days after we arrived in Florida for the services the boys came down with the chicken pox.  In spite of all this sadness and stress we also have some good news to spread: there will be a new addition to our family next year.

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  1. Oh Amber, I'm so sorry to hear the boys lost their grandpa. I hope you all find peace in time.
    I'm also happy to hear your good news, of course! And I hope the beginning hasn't been too rough on you this time. I'd offer to send you my maternity clothes, but EVERYONE i know is pregnant this year! (plus i don't think i have anything green..)
    miss you. take care~