Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The start of it all...

All the way back in 2004 I bought a fat quarter and that was the start of it all for me and quilting.  I had completed a quilt for my Grandma shortly before that but had no intentions of making another.  Then, and I can't even remember why I was at the fabric store, I saw a raspberry print and loved it.  My original intention was to make a decorative pillow for my bed since it was the same shade of red that was in my duvet but I never actually made anything.  And some how, again I'm not sure how or why, I started collecting fat quarters of fruit and vegetable themed fabric.  Nine years later and I had a pile of 38 different fabrics.  I finally had to cut into it and made myself a lap quilt.
It was really hard to start this project.  I had so many different plans over the years for the fabric but when it came down to it none of them seemed right for the fabric I had in front of me when it came time to cut.  After hours on flicker, I decided on a wonky 9 patch. Simple and easy but a fun way to combine the bright colors.  I only used a 9 inch square of 36 of the fabrics so next up will be a traditional 9 patch.  

I love it and I'm glad I finally cut into the fabric - now I can start using it in other things.  And, the whole thing was completed in 3 weeks in January!

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