Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meetup Tote Bag

The Pacific Northwest Modern Quilt Guild meetup is happening this weekend in Portland. I'm very excited to go - last year was a blast. This year we are swapping tote bags.  It was a challenge to plan my bag because I wanted it to be something that another "modern" quilter would like to use.

Here is my lining and the interior pocket which features the cute logo tags for our guild.  I've had this Amy Butler print for ages and finally decided to cut into it.  The outside was fun to create.  I made a panel of tiny (1.75 inch) half square triangle chevrons for both sides of the bag and then echo quilted more chevrons.  Robert Kaufman donated all the main fabrics (the denim) used in the swap and I really like how it feels and looks - very nice for a tote bag.  I will be purchasing more to make library totes for the boys soon.



Thursday, August 1, 2013

My new travel project

My new travel English Paper Piecing project is a penrose tiling.  It is made up of 72 and 36 degree diamonds.  Penrose tiles have been around for a long time - it's a mathematical formula that was first understood by ancient Islamic mathematicians!  It's a type of non-periodic tiling that exhibits a fivefold rotational symmetry.  What this means for my quilt is that I have a five pointed star in the middle that will have five more stars tiling around it, and then fifteen stars around those, etc.

I started it in June and have found bits of time here and there (at soccer class above and at the park below) to work on it.  The pattern isn't easy to see right now since it's still so small but it should improve as it slowly gets bigger.  I'm not sure how big it will be; I'm debating between a lap quilt and a wall hanging.