Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Clothworks Charity quilts

Labor Day weekend came upon me very quickly this year.  I feel like the summer just flew by and I barely saw it.  I think having three boys is going to make things just fly by from now on!  I was able to spend a day sewing with some other ladies from the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild.  We worked on our Clothworks solids charity blocks.  We had enough contributions so that we are able to make two twin size quilts! 

Above is quilt number one.  We decided to use up the left over scraps and make the background multi-colored on this quilt.  Each colored section was designed so that we could easily sew the blocks together into sections with nice straight/even seams.  Figuring out how to put them all together was a huge challenge - all the blocks were different sizes and, while we had a limited color pallet, everyone used the colors in different ways.  I think we were able to balance out the colors and sizes.

I put together the white block above.  For our second quilt (below) we are going to go with an all white background.  We will be having another charity sew-in day at the end of September which will hopefully see the finish of both quilt tops.

Monday, September 9, 2013

PNWMQG meet-up 2013

It's been almost a month since I attended the Pacific Northwest Modern Quilt Guild meet-up in Portland!  It was an amazing weekend.  I took Isaac with me and he did great (and made me very popular!).  Lots of sewing and fabric shopping happened all over the city of Portland.  

I attended a charity sew-in at Modern Domestic, a really cute fabric shop, in the morning and worked on some "chicken" blocks. 

 Isaac was very helpful and took a nice long two hour nap while in the wrap and I was able to get in some shopping and still make two and half of the charity blocks. I believe enough blocks for three quilts were created throughout the day.

During the afternoon I went to several different fabric shops with some other ladies and loaded up on lots of great fabric!  I also finalized my color choice for the upcoming "Binary" quilt show for the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild. 

I am going with blue and green but I'm using five shades of blue (all Kona in Lake, Robin Egg, Periwinkle, Water, and Deep Blue) and five shades of green (again all Kona in Jungle, Juniper, Palm, Leprechaun, and Asparagus).  I have two ideas I'll be playing with over the next few weeks and hopefully one of them will work and will make a beautiful two color quilt.