Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pot-holder swap

A few months ago, the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild had a pot holder challenge.  I made two sets for a blind swap.  It was hard to let them go in the swap and I really enjoyed making them. The set above was super easy and quick to put together - the hard part was picking what scraps to use! The set below gave me a bit of trouble on the thumb of the mitt - if I had it to do over I would make the thumb bigger.  It was a fun little project because I used a color palette I've always liked but never tried before (the yellow and blue below) and spent time sorting scraps (my to-be-sorted bin was a bit out id control) so I could find the right fabrics for the scrappy set.

And, here are the pot holders I received. The top set is a nice, thick canvas which is perfect for hot pans and Kristen added lots of fun, hand quilted details. The bottom set, made by Sue, is super colorful and full of tiny patchwork. I really like them both and was super pleased with the swap. Our next guild swap will be our at our holiday party in December.

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  1. How fun. What pattern did you use for the mitt?