Sunday, December 15, 2013

1000 Days of Malcolm

We recently celebrated our little Malcolm turning 1000 days old. Our lives haven't been the same since his arrival.  Malcolm is a tiny little ball of stubborn energy who gives us a run for our money every day.

He is amazingly strong, very feisty, and so sweet and gentle at the same time.  He can tackle and take down his older brother (who's just about twice his size) and then sit down with the baby to hold him and sweetly kiss his head.  Malcolm has grown to be an amazing brother.

His hugs are rare but so wonderful and full of feeling when he gives them.  My favorite thing is to listen to him chat with himself as he plays - he comes up with fabulously imaginative things for his trucks to do!

Parenting him is a challenge every day but it's been a battle that has made me a better Mother to all my kids. Here's to another wild and amazing 1000 days!

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  1. He's certainly adorable! Good luck!