Monday, December 2, 2013

Binary Quilt Challenge

The current quilt challenge for the upcoming January show for the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild is a binary challenge.  We are creating two color (binary) quilts but we can use as many different shades of a color as we want. I decided to do a green and blue solid quilt.  I am using five shades of blue and five shades of green.  I started off with a plan to make a quilt for Dominic that was all squares and rectangles of different sizes (3, 6, and 9 inches finished).  I actually started this quilt 2-3 years ago with the plan of doing it with various shades of blue, green, and yellow but didn't feel very inspired by it after starting and stopped working on it.  This challenge seemed like a great time to get it back out and try again but leave out the yellow.  Again, I just didn't feel like it was anything special and came up with a new plan.

Shortly before I started working on this challenge a friend of mine in the guild posted a simple and fun block she called a 3/4 log cabin.  When she posted a picture of the completed top on Instagram I happened to show it to Dominic who loved it and asked for one like it.  A few weeks later he was still telling me how much he liked the quilt and that I should make him one so I made it my new Binary challenge goal.  I whipped up a few blocks one night and never looked back!

They are super quick, easy to lay out, and a great way to play with nice bold colors.  I had twelve blocks completed in two nights of sewing and added more at a guild sew-in.  Even Ophelia approved and decided that she liked the quilt when I tried to lay it out on the floor to plan the last few blocks.

I might make a second binary quilt too.  My niece has requested a pink and purple quilt and while I don't have a lot of pink fabric, I do have a lot of purple so she might be getting a nice purple and white quilt for her next birthday.  

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  1. I love the colors you picked - blue and green are my favorites.