Monday, March 17, 2014

Current works in progress

This past week I've made little progress on my flower garden EPP - as of this morning I have 10 flowers completed.  I am now trying to decide if I should sew them altogether directly or have some sort of border in between the flowers. I did decide that it will be a pillow for the couch - our living room is in sore need some more color. 

In addition to my current EPP project, I've been working on a wonky log cabin and a scrappy Granny Square block. The log cabin will be for one of my nieces so I'm making it in pastel colors and I'm trying to incorporate lots of little surprises by fussy cutting the center squares. So far, it's a huge pile of scraps with a few completed blocks sitting on top of the pile. My Granny square project is stored in a shoebox with the completed blocks sitting on top of it. This feels rather sloppy to me, but I've yet to come up with a better way to manage current works in progress when I'm working on so many different things at one time.

How do you organize your current works in progress? 

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  1. I use Rubbermaid bins or large Tupperware containers to sort my projects. Good luck.