Thursday, March 27, 2014

Granny square blocks

I've been working on a granny square block set for almost two years now.  The blocks have come together slowly as I've been piecing them in between other projects or when I had only had a few minutes to spend in my sewing room working. Sewing the blocks together is relatively quick - what took me so long was laying out each block and finding color combos that I really liked.  At the last two SMQG sew-ins I was able to finish up the last few blocks and I have the twenty blocks I wanted for a whole quilt.

Now, the dilemma I face is deciding on a layout. Do you like option one:

Or option two:

I can't decide because there are elements of each layout that I really enjoy. I plan on using scrappy white tone-on-tone fabrics as the sashing/extra squares in between the quilt blocks.


  1. Option 1, straight set. They look awesome btw.

  2. The second option gives you a large space to do some fancy quilting. However, I think the first option highlights the blocks better.