Sunday, July 6, 2014

Travel Bags

Living so far from family necessitates a lot of travel for us. After our last trek to Florida to visit the husband's side I decided we needed new travel bags.  

First off, I made myself a new carry-on.  I had been planning this for a long time and had all my fabric and supplies ready to go.  I used the Cargo duffel pattern by Noodle Head.  It was an easy pattern to follow and it's a great sized bag for air travel.  I added a liner and left off the exterior pockets but otherwise followed the directions. The only thing I would change is to make the handles stiffer.

The boys are now old enough to carry some of their own airplane supplies so I made them both simple drawstring backpacks.  I found at least a half dozen tutorials online for this type of bag.  I added simple zipper pockets for them and they were very happy to have their own special bags for the plane.

I'll be sewing up a few more of these soon since my nephews saw them and asked for their own special backpack.

I also made myself a new travel sewing kit for my newest English paper piecing project since travel always leads to lots of car naps.

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