Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Seattle MQG Secret Sewing Swap

The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild held a secret sewing swap for September. It was a lot of fun to make something for someone else and it was a good challenge.  My partner has slightly different color tastes than I do so I had to stretch myself and I decided that now was the time to attempt some curves.  I was inspired by one of my partners Instagram pictures to create this:

It was a lot of fun and hard work to get the free form curves right.  I'm very please with it and so happy that I finally tried it out.  I also used this challenge as an opportunity to jump in and try some free motion quilting.  I did a lot of practice before working on the quilt and I feel like I've really got it down well now.  I'm super happy with how the pebbles turned out.

I made my swap partner two items.  I made this zipper pouch in the same fabrics but just had one strip of wonky curved piecing and the rest was more free motion quilting.  I'm not sure what to call it - it feels and looks like sea weed to me. 

Here is most of the group who participated and all the amazing mini quilts, bags, and pouches that were created.  There were some really amazing things created.

And, my swap partner made me this awesome diamond star mini quilt in my favorite colors!  She got it spot on for me and it's now hanging on my sewing room wall.

This swap was a smashing success and will definitely be repeated in the future.

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  1. Great swap and I like that you were challenged to try new techniques. I especially love the pouch you made!